Tuesday, April 28, 2015


    If you're reading this you more than likely have at least one relationship prior to your current one. Unless of course you happened to marry your middle school sweetheart.
    Whether you have only 1 ex or closer to 50 exes, you have a relationship past. Now you may not even think of your relationship past at all, or you may still be friends with some of those people you used to date. Odds are though your significant other might have a question or two about your old boyfriends or girlfriends.
     I guess you could say Dillon and I are yet again one of those couples that talk about pretty much everything, including exes. Now since we met each at a young age we really don't have that many people to talk about, but there's still history there. There's still questions and answers. I think the weirdest part is knowing you were both out there somewhere and not together for whatever years have you. Finding out that there were maybe a handful of times you could've met before you actually did.
   For example there was a guy I was friends with and he would mention these two friends of his and I had no idea that Dillon happened to be the other guy that he never named. Or the time that I had planned to go to a friend's prom since he didn't have a date, then we decided not to go together, and Dillon was there the night of the prom with an old girlfriend. Part of me wonders where we would be today if we had met at several of the times we could've. Would we have been together sooner? Or would it have changed everything?
    I hear more and more about couples that don't really discuss past relationships. I don't think you can really know someone well until you know who they used to be. Because everything we've experienced adds up to who we are in the present moment. The way I see it the most important thing your past relationships taught you was what you want from your next.


  1. It's funny, my fiance's and my past relationships were exactly the same: just one ex from high school. We talked about them a bit when we first got together but it rarely comes up anymore.

    1. Yeah we're not really friends with any exes so they usually only come up in a story here and there. Thanks for Sarah!

  2. I agree it is good to find out about people's other relationships. I think it saves for that embarrassment in case you run into someone from the past and then you have to explain who that person is, etc.


    1. Exactly, that could potentially be an awkward situation! Thanks for reading Betty!


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