Tuesday, April 21, 2015


    When you think about romance you may think of candlelit dinners or moonlight strolls on the beach. Romance means different things to different people. But did you know in most studies men are known to want or enjoy romance more?
    You've probably grown to just assume that women are the more romantic sex but that's not always true. In fact there is not one study that has proven that women are more romantic than men. One study said that 33% more men than women said it bothers them a lot that their significant other isn't more romantic. Which has most likely made every woman who's husband forgot Valentine's day or their anniversary laugh their heads off.
    You may look at men as a whole as being less emotional or apathetic when it comes to things such as romance and the belief in true love. So the knowledge that more men than women want romance in a relationship could be perplexing to you. Where did the disconnect start? Are men lying on these surveys or are men the ones being wrongly portrayed in most movies and books. Therefore ingraining the stereotype in us. If men actually are more romantic is it because women have been complaining for decades if not centuries about the lack of romance in men. Are they trying to change the expected pattern? Maybe.
      One study found that 48% of men believe in love at first sight, whereas only 28% of women do. That could be a result of men being the more visiual sex. While women are more about personality rather than exterior. Not to say that men don't care about personalities.
    I also read that about 33% of both men and women have actually ended a relationship after watching a movie or TV show. I found this pretty shocking, more shocking than the statistics saying men are more romantic. I have to believe that the couples that broke up after watching certain movies and shows was because it was mirroring a problem they already had. It probably didn't cause a new problem to arise in the relationship. If so Nicholas Sparks would be getting sued every other week.
    So there you have it. Men are just as, if not more, romantic than women, and watching a romantic movie could ruin your relationship. Well if you're already having problems!


  1. Makes you want to think twice about what you might watch together as a couple :)


  2. Very interesting! I actually probably know a couple guys who are more romantic than their girlfriend, so maybe it is the opposites attract thing at work? Who knows. Great post! If you have time, you should stop by and check out my R Post.

  3. Very true... my husband is more inclined towards romance. He likes to hold hands. While I'm not the ice queen, I am extremely reserved in public and find the hand holding uncomfortable. But it makes him happy.

    1. It's all about finding a balance I suppose! Thanks for reading Kate!


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