Friday, April 24, 2015


    No two people are the same. You may find two people that either have a lot in common or look alike, but you'll never find an exact copy.
     Our relationships are just as unique. Some couples are more serious, some are more silly, and some are somewhere in between. Each couple handle things differently, see things differently. They may care about little things you wouldn't even think about.
      So then why do we sometimes look at another couple from the outside and think their relationship isn't good, or going the way it should? Well first and foremost I think we're all a little nosy. We tend to read into things that aren't even there. Put our opinions where they don't belong. We think we've found something that they don't even see. Trust me, you haven't. Odds are someone is looking at our relationship the same way while we're busy speculating. Funny isn't it?
      I tend to believe that maybe the reason we're so anxious about couples that have a different relationship from us is become we're worried about our own relationship. We're worried that perhaps we're not the perfect relationship example. That we might have missed something. If we really thought about it we'd know that other people's relationships do not validate or diminish our own. Just because they have a unique aspect to their relationship doesn't make your relationship any less unique or filled with love.
      Sometimes people get too caught up in someone else's relationship. You know what you could be doing instead? Focusing on your own! Taking the time to bond with your partner. Nurturing your relationship. Find out what's unique about the two of you together.
      Have you ever had a time when you questioned the way another couple handled something in their relationship? Or perhaps someone did that to you?



  1. What I found was I thought a lot of people had things together and then found out they were struggling just like we were struggling with different things (like money or problems with kids, etc). Made me think we are so much alike even though from the outside we may look so different.


    1. Exactly, we all have our struggles! Thanks for reading Betty!


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