Thursday, April 16, 2015


    Nurturing may be something that you think only has to do with children, but everyone needs to be nurtured I believe. We are all living, breathing, and yes still growing creatures.
     When it comes to Dillon and me I find that it's a constant balance between being his friend, confidant, and wife, but also his nurturer. Someone that reminds him of how special he is, who comforts him, and even babies him when needed the way a mother would. I'm sure most of you are probably thinking of that quote about your husband being your first and oldest child, that's not what I'm getting at.It's More caring about him, loving him unconditionally, and seeing the best in him the way mothers always do. We all need someone to care about us in such a way.
    It's also important for us to nurture us as a couple. To do things just the two of us. Going places neither of us have been, and making memories we won't forget. Sharing things with each other, experiences, hopes, things you wouldn't tell anyone else, and most of all our love. Oh and food, food is for sharing.
   In the midst of nurturing our spouses and our relationship with them we must also remember to nurture our friendships. Life can become so hectic and busy that before long you think to yourself, "when was the last time I saw so and so?". I'm sure a lot of you reading this might be thinking of a friend or two. I hope to be better at being involved with my friends.
   Recently in our Sunday school class we started nurturing plants from seed. Each week Dillon and I  would take them home with us. For some reason they ended up kinda dying and getting mold on them...opps! So that just goes to show how when we don't get what we need we often stop thriving. By the way I have yet to tell the kids, so no telling!
    Nurturing is part of life like love and laughter. It's essential, or at least it makes life better.



  1. I was just thinking today of nurturing :) I miss nurturing someone; used to nurture son before he moved out and then the dog before he died, maybe I'll have to look into nurturing hubby :)

    Maybe too much water for the plants your trying to nurture for church?


    1. Aww I'm sorry about your dog, it could be too much water! Thanks for reading Betty :)


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