Saturday, April 4, 2015


   When you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with dating is the way we test the waters to see if there's a true connection. Often though once you've said I do dating might seem to not need a place in your life together anymore, or perhaps there's just not any time to date. After all life is busy and so are you. But I believe dating is essential to a marriage, it's that "us" time that makes you remember why you got married in the first place.
   Now I'm not saying that in order to keep close to your spouse y'all have to go out to dinner every Friday. The actual "date" is not the important part. When people say never stop dating your spouse to me it's not actually about going out per say, but about not stopping the things you used to do for each other when your love was so new.
   It's about truly cherishing the time we have with our spouses and being present. It's about letting him pick what you watch on Netflix, or letting her pick where you have dinner. It's about being thoughtful, and overly considerate, like you would be if y'all were still dating. Being in the mindset of trying to win them over every day. Because marriage isn't about you, it's about your husband or wife.
   What's one way you try to stay connected with your spouse? One thing Dillon and I try to keep doing is checking on the other person during the week while we're away. It's such a simple thing but it totally changes how you're feeling to know that someone cares whether or not you're having a good day.

                       ^From before we were married!


  1. I like the advice to dating the spouse after the marriage with the same consideration as during the dating years and just by the simple things you mentioned here, checking in on each other, etc. Great advice there!


  2. Y'all are so lucky to have such a strong relationship, you give great advice!

  3. Hi Robyn, I'm catching up with my A to Z this Easter weekend. Love your theme!


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