Monday, April 20, 2015


   We're a curious species, always wanting to know more. At least most of us are that way. We usually want to know more about things around us, the people close to us. Who are we closer to than our partners?
    It amazes me the couples that would rather the questions stay unasked. That would rather not know the details of their partner's life before them, or even their feelings on certain things. Dillon and I are more of a no holds barred kind of couple. Some nights we won't even do anything but ask each other questions about the other person. Or ask about certain situations and how they think they would react. No question is left unanswered or unasked with us.
   Most couples that don't wanna know everything are worried that the answer is the worst case scenario in their mind I suppose. But if the answer truly changes how you feel about them maybe you should've asked it long ago, or perhaps the answer doesn't really matter as much as you think.
   Some couples take the approach of everything is on the table for questioning, but this. It could be money for some. In fact recently I've heard of a lot of couples keeping their money separately and not asking each other at all what's being done with their money.
    I personally think the reason Dillon and I are so comfortable with knowing everything about each other is probably because we're over sharers. We want to be able to confide things to someone close to us. We're not the kind of people that can hold things in.
    Now you may find yourself with someone with wants to share everything and you don't, or vice versa. What do you then? I think both of you would have to compromise a little. One person try to share more, the other person try to share less. Hopefully you'll be able to find a middle ground.
     Dillon and I are lucky to have a similar view on this. What do you and your partner do about all the little personal questions? Are you over sharers like us?

P.S. Partners in crime since day one!


  1. We are about average sharers, LOL :) We know a lot about each other over the years, but there are still things that come up that we didn't know about each other, mainly because it just hadn't come up before in a conversation :)


    1. That's great that you're both on the same page! Thanks for reading Betty! :)

  2. We have always been sharers, however I have learned not to ask questions too early in the morning. :) Questions are really good for getting acquainted, but they are also great if you are trying to move beyond your current boundaries. We ask each other hard questions to challenge the other person's thinking and help them to grow. Some days I miss the simple, "how was your day?" questions, but most of the time I am glad I have a partner who challenges me and for whom I can be a source of encouragement and learning.

    1. I agree with no questions in the early morning haha! Thanks for reading :)


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