Friday, April 10, 2015


  Habits that irritate ya! Everyone has them. Whether it's common or bizzare, and nobody knows them firsthand like your significant other. It can be a little thing or a big thing, something they do or something they always forget to do. Here's a few examples of things that annoy people about their special people(please note: these are anonymous and Dillon and I are included in this):

"I don't know if this is really considered a habit, but I think we both get annoyed at what each other spends on money"

"I can't stand when he leaves his baseball caps on the posts of our four-poster bed. That IS NOT the place for hats."

"Sometimes he tickles me and won't stop, and it drives me nuts!"

"Something that gets us both is when he's folding clothes I almost always go behind him and refold. I go OCD on his folding skills then it drives him crazy 'cause he just folded everything and I go back and undo it."

"He has a habit of repeating everything."

"Every time we use paper plates he tries to save the already used ones. They're called disposable for a reason."

"She has a tendency to worry a lot. Not really annoying, just frustrating sometimes. Especially since I'm a laidback person."

"I can't stand going into the bathroom and his clothes are all balled up on the other side of the toilet. Really?"

 What are some things that irritate you when it comes to your significant other?


  1. Ooo, I've been crabby the past 2 days so I could write a novel on this topic!
    I'm totally the opposite when it comes to folding clothes - as long as someone else does it - I don't care what they look like!

    1. That's rare to be that way, good for you! Thanks for reading Lisa!

  2. She gets annoyed when my socks or shirts end up 5 inches form the clothes hamper in the bathroom, not in it.

    I get annoyed when nothing is bothering me but she asks me 10 times what is bothering me. Then I actually DO feel bothered. :)

    She gets annoyed when I don't put the new toilet paper roll on the holder.

    I get annoyed when she puts the new toilet paper roll on the holder so you have to pull it from the BOTTOM and not the TOP!

    She gets annoyed when I buy junk food.

    I get annoyed when she yells at me for buying junk food and then consumes 80% of the fore mentioned junk food. :)

    There are little things that irk us all, but we learn to LOVE this about the other. When she went away for a week to visit her sister in Florida, I wished MANY times that she was here, even if it was to just put the toilet paper on the holder backwards.... :)

    1. Yeah I've been known to ask Dillon what's bothering him a couple and nothing really is. I always put the toilet paper so it's pulled from the top. That's sweet how much you missed her! Thanks for reading Michael :)

  3. I think when we were first married there were several things that irritated us about each other, but today, at this moment I cannot recall a single thing he does or doesn't do that bothers me. I can't say that he feels the same about me, but he doesn't ever complain. Ever. That is not to say that one or the other of us doesn't from time to time get irritated, but almost from the very beginning of our relationship we have both always taken the view that we are on the same team, so rather than allow things to bother us, we ask ourselves why we are bothered by it in the first place; it becomes a way to grow ourselves rather than distance ourselves from each other. Usually irritants are from outside our relationship, not within. At least that is how I see it... Ornery may have a different take on it altogether, but he seems happy enough. :)

    1. That's a positive attitude to have, thanks for reading :)


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