Monday, April 27, 2015

Wedding Anniversaries

      Coming up this August, August 3rd to be exact, is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I remember last year on our 1st I was pregnant with James so we had a pretty quiet celebration. We went to church that day and had lunch at cracker barrel. There was a nap in there somewhere too haha! I was pretty tired at that point in the pregnancy. It was nice, and just my speed for how I was feeling.
       The start of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates back to the Holy Roman Empire when husbands would crown their wives with silver wreaths on their 25th, and a gold wreath on the 50th. Then in the 20th century commercialism led to more anniversaries being recognized with specific gifts.
     For instance the 1st anniversary traditional gift is paper, while the modern is a clock. It's kind of funny because I got Dillon a watch for our 1st and didn't even know. The 2nd year is cotton for traditional and china for the modern list. I haven't thought about his gift yet but I have some time.
     I noticed that they also have a gift for the 85th anniversary, moonstone for traditional, or the wife's birthstone for the modern gift. I have yet to meet anyone that has celebrated their 85th anniversary. I bet if someone did they would probably be in the paper, or the news!
    They even have a list of flowers for each year. Carnations for the 1st, lily of the valley for the 2nd. There's no flower for the 85th, but yellow rose or violet is for the 50th. 
     So there's a lot of options and ideas for each year. I think it's kind of sweet to stick to the theme for each year, as long as it's still nice and personal. Something that's meaningful to your spouse. That they look at and think "wow, they really know me!".
    Some couples make something special for each other. Now I like crafts but I'm not sure Dillon would appreciate my glitter coasters like I do haha. Who knows though, he could surprise me!
    What was your most memorable wedding or dating anniversary?


  1. We used to take vacations around our anniversary so those were always fun. Nowadays we just go out to dinner and may or may not give a card to each other (we were on a tight budget a while back and we just got out of the habit of cards and gifts). It is good to celebrate in some way anniversaries though.


    1. Oh that's nice, it's all about marking the occasion. Thanks for reading Betty!


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