Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby H #2 Update: Weeks 25 & 26

   Happy Tuesday y'all! Or 'A' day for Pretty Little Liars fans(I'm probably way too excited about it, but hey it's been 6 years!). It's not raining like it was yesterday, in case you haven't been outside yet. Which made it nice for going to and from my doctor's today. I don't know anyone who enjoys going out in the rain haha. If you're one of those people who enjoys being out in rain, let me know!
    So I had my weekly doctor's appointment today, yay! Seriously, I feel so blessed to have such a kind, genuinely concerned doctor as well as his staff! It makes this whole scary process so much better.
    Today's visit was also for my glucose test. Now with James I actually never got around to doing this test. I think I had it scheduled for the next appointment that I didn't make it to, but honestly I can't remember. Blame it on the pregnancy brain. So this was a whole new experience for me. I asked my girlfriend, who's due any day now, about what to expect and that really helped. Not only was it helpful to know that she fasted, but it also eased my fears about the ordeal test. Most people act like it's the most horrible thing you'll do during pregnancy, but I can now let y'all in on a little secret. It's not nearly as bad as they tell you haha.
   For starters, the drink doesn't taste that bad. I went with the fruit punch flavor(my friend's suggestion!) and it tasted pretty good at first, after a while though I was ready to be done with it. It's actually clear now, which surprised me. Good news for the pregnant ladies with dye allergies! One downside is it's more to drink than I thought. It's about the size of a small water bottle. I did have an upset tummy afterwards, but no nausea. Then about an hour later they tested my blood and I was done! They don't even have to test your blood beforehand. I should find out my results tomorrow, so please say a prayer for me!
Here's Baby H #2 at 25 weeks and a day!

And again! I think his nose will be a cross between Dillon's and my mom's!

   When I went to my doctor's last week (25 weeks) I also saw the specialists. Baby H #2 weighted 1 lb. 10 oz., and according to my pregnancy app he should weight more than 2 lbs. this week and be 14 inches long. His eyes are starting to open around this time, and he can even sense light in there. Which seems crazy to me that he can now tell that. At this point most of his development is all about putting on weight and height. If you need a visual of where he's at you could equate him to....
I don't think I've ever heard of this, but the Parisian bakery theme is my favorite. Probably because I'm always hungry...

So cute!

    I am curious as to how I'm going to expand any more to accommodate Baby H #2. At this rate at 9 months my stomach will be entering a room 5 minutes before I do. People still wanna know if this is just one. Even if they have asked before haha. One lady I know thinks it could be 2 or 3. She's serious.

The bump at 25 weeks and a day last Tuesday!

The bump today at 26 weeks and a day! Man, I wear a lot of dark blue!

   Symptoms are just the same, no decrease and no increase. I go back this Friday for an ultrasound. I had a little concern over his lack of movement during the glucose test, which if you didn't know sugar usually makes babies move a lot. My nurse and doctor did a non-stress test, and everything looked great for a 26 week baby. But my doctor still wanted to see me Friday as a precaution. Oddly enough he started moving quite a bit towards the end of the appointment and after. Go figure! I'll keep y'all posted on the glucose test! Thanks for reading y'all!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Look Back On 2 Years Of Marriage

2 Year Anniversary

  2 years. 24 months. 104 weeks. 730 days. That's how long Dillon and I have been married. It doesn't feel like it's been that long to me. It seems like just yesterday I was browsing through Pinterest for centerpiece ideas, my biggest concern being how would I find time to decorate the reception.
    Since that day so many unexpected things have happened to both of us. Mostly good, you can probably guess the bad. But even in the bad times our bond hasn't been severed. We've experienced things that no one should have to go through but we've made it to the other side. Don't ask us where this other side is, we're not really sure ourselves. But it's a place where we're together. What we've gone through could drive any couple apart, but by the grace of God and our love we're more bonded than 2 years ago.
    I've heard a lot of women say "I never knew how much I loved your daddy until I saw how much he loved you". Well for me that couldn't be more true. Seeing Dillon hold our first son, knowing there would be no more moments like that one, I fell in love with him all over again. There was no better father James could have in his short time on earth than Dillon.
    2 years ago I didn't know what we were promising to each other. I knew what our vows meant of course, but I didn't know how they would translate for us. I suppose no couple really knows. I now know "denying all those that would come between us" would be the part of our vows to be put to action the most. While it's a shame how often it is remembered, it would be more a shame to forget it, for without each other I don't know where we'd be. You'd be surprised by the people you could do without when you find the only one you can't do without.
    So to my wonderful husband on our 2 year anniversary. I love you more than I did then, and I didn't know I could. I chose you 2 years, I choose you today, and I chose you every day. You are my home, my future, and so much more than you realize. I could, and I will love you forever.


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