Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day and more

  So much has happened lately, I thought I'd do a little catch-up of what has been going on in my and Dillon's life.
   Recently our car blew it's head gasket. Of course our first thought was to see if we could get the car fixed. Once we had heard a few estimates we decided we should go ahead and search for a new car(or a new to us car). We figured that would be a better investment right now. Thankfully his parents were kind enough to allow us to borrow their car for the time being!
   During that week we were constantly looking online on every site we could think of. We found a few things promising and planned to take a look at them that Saturday.  Then Saturday came and every car we saw wasn't what we thought. So now we're back to trying to fix the car we have. It was kinda strange experiencing our first time really discussing such a big purchase as a car.
   In other news we had the coffee house at our church this past Friday(the coffee house is basically an event at my church where teens and young adults can get together, share music, and coffee, in a safe, Christ-filled environment, it's also part of our story). We had a small group, but everyone had fun. Of course we had our usual Ihop visit once it was over. I'm pretty sure the waiters all know us by now.
   My little brother-in-law spent the night at our house. I think it's really nice that we have such a close relationship that he feels comfortable around my family as well.
  This past Sunday was our first Mother's Day as a married couple having to coordinate plans with both mothers. Although it helps that my mom doesn't like Mother's Day, but we always do something for her.
  To being our Mother's Day we teach a Sunday school class for 3rd and 4th grade children at our church. In class that morning we talked about Mary and all the sacrifices she made for Jesus. The children made the cutest mugs for their moms.
   We had a nice lunch at a local Chinese restaurant with Dillon's mom, dad, and brother. Although it was questionable when I opened my fortune cookie to find no fortune. It's the second time in a week I haven't had a fortune in my cookie, different place too. Go figure!
    After lunch we went back to the house and Dillon fixed up my mom's walkway. It looks a lot better!
   Lots of family last weekend! My husband and I are lucky enough to be surrounded by good, caring family. The family we were born into as well as the family we found.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I love about marriage thus far.

  The past 9 months have been a wonderful journey for the two of us as a couple. It's pretty hard to believe we'll be married a year in 3 months. Here's a few of my thoughts about marriage (or at least about our marriage) so far:

- First of all, marriage doesn't feel much different for us than being engaged. I had some friends tell me the same, but I didn't believe it until we were husband and wife.
- I love getting to wake up next to my husband every day. I know everyone says that but it's true! It's one of those small things that is so comforting and wonderful about marriage.
- Speaking of such things, I've noticed we tend to turn in for the night earlier now that we're married. It could be Dillon's change in job(he gets up at 5:30 am now) but I think it means we're an old married couple already! In a few more months we'll in bed by 7pm.
- People will never stop asking "when are you having a baby?", or for that matter tell you when, and how many, you should have. Now I know how Kate Middleton felt pre-prince George!
- The further along we go in our marriage I've come to realize just how blessed we both are to fall in love with someone that has the same values that you have at the core. While being your own person, with your own thoughts and beliefs is important, it definitely makes life decisions easier for us.
- I love how comfortable we are with each other. Sometimes I think we're a little too comfortable  but I think it only helps us as a couple.
- I really enjoy cooking for Dillon and I know he really likes me cooking for him.
- Even now that we're married we still value the time we spend together. It might be getting breakfast on a Saturday or watching One Tree Hill on Netflix right before we fall asleep.
- But the best thing about marriage is having someone there to share your dreams, your hopes, your disappointments, your fears, your passion, and your love.

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