Monday, March 2, 2015

Mondays With Mother

   If you're wondering who "mother" is, well she's my mother. Didn't see that coming did ya? (Note: that's sarcasm).
   The other day I was laughing about something my mother had said and I thought to myself, maybe y'all would find her as funny as I do. Please note that my mother is totally okay with this and is one of the rare people that can laugh at themselves. With that said here's just a few examples of my mother's humor, both intended and accidental, mostly accidental.

Me: "We should paint the house in different shades of grey."
Mom: "Like 40 shades of grey?"(It's 50 shades of grey. I guess the last 10 aren't important).

Mom: "Wanna watch The Smack?"(She's talking about the miniseries The Slap, which we love).

Mom: "Don't go in the pond!"

Mom: "I'm hungry but y'all like the gross place for breakfast!"(She's talking about Taco Bell).

Mom: "You made me hit my knee into that pole because I was trying to get away from you."

Me: "Is that James there?" (From Dillon's place of work).
Mom: "Oh I thought you meant James from Vanderpump Rules."

Mom: "I'm going to need you to smell my sweater and be honest with me."

Here's a video of my mother, enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. 40 Shades of Grey - I love it! Reminds me of the time my husband said he felt he looked like Mr. Roberts (Mr. Rogers) in a sweater.

    1. Haha that's very funny! A slip of the tongue can be quite comedic.


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