Monday, March 9, 2015

Mondays With Mother: 2

 Hey y'all! I hope everyone's week is off to a good start. But if it's not hopefully this should make you laugh!

  The other day I came home from lunch to change and Mother is standing in the living room about to leave herself.
Me: "You look nice!"
Mother: "Thanks! Imagine how I'd look if I did my eyes!" (She was kidding).

Me: "Ankle strap heels are so cute, but they can be hard to pull off."(I meant they're not flattering to everyone).
Mother: "No they're not, you just unbuckle them."
  This is actually something she said years ago. I was probably 10 or 11, and I'm watching television. It was close to Christmas I believe.
Mother:(Turns to my Father) "Look at her, looking at the t.v. with childlike wonder!"

   I'm in the kitchen doing Mother's hair. We had the oven opened and on since it was so cold. Mother is peering into the oven.
Mother: "This oven is really not keeping clean. It's suppose to be self-cleaning!"
Me: "Um you do realize that's a mode you have to put it on, right?"
Mother: "I thought it did it continually. What's the point of having self-cleaning if it's not automatic!"

  One time probably 20 years ago my Mother is in a thrift store with one of her friends. Mother sees a hat and quickly goes into the dressing room to try it on. I guess going into dressing rooms to try on hats was polite back then haha! So she's in the dressing room, trying on the hat, and she hears laughter coming from outside. She inspects the hat further and sees there's a tag on it. It reads "home d├ęcor". At this point she's so embarrassed that she comes out and tells people that she was just hanging it on the door to see how it looked. But there was no getting around it, everyone knew she had tried it on.  Her hair was sticking out and everything.

  A few years ago we went through a phase where we would video ourselves dancing in various stores. Here's one of our many gems!

  Have a great Monday!


  1. Love the self-cleaning oven comment - I agree 100%. Your Mom has quite a groove there in the video - so fun!

  2. Haha me too! Someone should invent that. I'll tell her you said so :)

  3. How cute with your mom dancing like that in the store :) Seems like you guys have a lot of fun together :) Loved her comment about the self cleaning oven, she has a point there I do believe :)


    1. Yes we really do! I know right! Thanks for reading, Betty :)


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