Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My A to Z Challenge Theme

   Hey y'all! I know I'm a little late on this but here is my theme for this April's A to Z Challenge. Someone of you probably won't be surprised by this theme, given the title of my blog.

   Drumroll please. My theme is.......the ABCs of marriage and relationships! I'll be blogging about things that are important to a marriage, my personal opinions on different areas of our relationships, and a little about me and my husband's relationship, among other things. This is not a foray into being a relationship therapist or expert. Merely a point of view from someone looking at marriage and relationships at the point I am right now. So if this interests you can come back tomorrow and read my first post for this challenge. See y'all tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a great them! I didn't realize this until I was checking out your mom's blog, that you were her daughter. I followed your mom's blog starting with the A/Z challenge back in 2012 (it doesn't seem possible that long ago, LOL). In 2013, I dropped out of the challenge right before it began and didn't blog for six months due to something that was happening with the family and when I came back to blogging, I never reconnected with your mom's blog. I saw she had signed up for the A/Z challenge this year, was checking out her entries, and then put it together than you and her were related.


    1. Oh that's so neat! My mom says hi! I'm looking forward to us all doing the challenge this year! Thanks for reading Betty :)

  2. Awesome theme! Personal ones are always so interesting. Good luck!


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