Monday, March 16, 2015

Mondays With Mother: Interview With My Mother

  Happy Monday y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Instead of doing a post about the funny things my mother says, I thought I might give y'all an exclusive interview from her. Let's get started!

Me: "What show would you wanna be on if you could be on any television show?"
Mother: "I would not wanna be on any t.v. show, but if I had to be I would just wanna be on a reality show."

Me: "Why a reality show?"
Mother: "When we watch fictional shows we're asked to believe it is real. So what could be better than reality t.v. show. And don't tell me they're not real!"

Me: "Good point. How do you take your coffee?"
Mother: "This is a boring question. In the morning I take one equal and powdered creamer, and it has to be instant in the morning, and a dash of salt. I got that from my maternal grandfather. Who also used to drink it out of a saucer. I don't do that. Second cup of coffee, no sweetener and liquid flavored creamer. My favorites are hazelnut, Irish cream, York peppermint patti, and pumpkin spice in the fall."

Me: "If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?"
Mother: "For many reasons I would not leave this area. but I would leave my house. And if I could have any house I wanted it would be a toss up between a modern house, a Mediterranean house, or a Georgian revival. But if I was not me I could see myself living in Paris."

Me: "If you had to give up television or you phone, which would you give up?"
Mother: "Well if everyone that I needed to check on or keep up with could contact Frank or you then I may give up the phone on certain days. Especially since I don't have a DVR. In fact my t.v.'s so old I've seen people making coffee tables out of them. And when the emergency information comes on we can't even see it."

Me: "What age did you get your ears pierced?'
Mother: "I don't really remember. I think I was 14 or 15. Back then you went to your doctor to get it done. But I had a terrible experience the first few months. One of my ears swelled up so much that the back of the earring got embedded in my skin and had to be removed by the doctor."

Me: "What's a pet peeve of your's?"
Mother: "Tardiness and indecision."

Me: "What's your favorite, not grocery store?"
Mother: "Well it used to be Dollar General, but they don't have as much stuff anymore. And the one closest to me plays the most horrible country music.(I don't hate all country music but I don't know where she finds this). I love Family Dollar, but none convenient to me anymore. I used to love Big Lots but they're too expensive. Now who would pay full price and wanna go in Big Lots?! Okay Target, now I never find anything in Target unless it's on a sale end cap. Kohl's has some unbelievable buys. Macy's has great sales that end up not being much more than Walmart sometimes. I like Ross, and I like Home Goods for colognes."

Me: "If you hadn't been a wife and mother, what would you have done?"
Mother: "Well I would have been an actress in New York on the stage, or a doctor of research, or an archaeologist, or maybe a singer-songwriter. But these are what I thought when I was younger, but now if I didn't have the life I have, the only other thing I'm really interested in is having my own small theater and directing plays and running it- kinda like the firehouse theater here in Richmond."

Me: "What is your life philosophy?"
Mother: "Well I am a follower of Jesus Christ, I guess I would say basically the golden rule, do unto others and you would have them do unto you. Be a good listener. Be the kinda person that makes other people feel good about themselves when they are around you, and always remember life is always changing and everyday believe something good is going to happen to you.

  I thought y'all should know that mother shot down about the 30 of my questions, here's what was left. Well this has been Mondays With Mother. Have a lovely day!


  1. I enjoyed reading your mom's interview :) I do remember having to get ears pierced the way she said at the doctor's office; my how times have changed! I like her answer to the last question :)



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