Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pink or blue?

   Last Thursday Dillon and I found out Baby H's gender! If anyone has actually been reading this blog you probably know I've been dying to know what we're having! Now we know.....

   Yay!!! We are so excited! Honestly I thought Baby H was a girl. Everyone told me I was carrying high( a common sign of a baby girl). Early on I thought I was having a boy since I didn't have much morning sickness, but it just recently seemed like Baby H must be a girl. I was expecting to hear we were having a girl when I thought I saw something while he was facing us in the ultrasound. Sure enough he's a boy!
   Since we were going to see a lot of family on Saturday to celebrate my Grand-daddy's 90th birthday( isn't that awesome?! I really hope Baby H gets to know him well.) we decided to keep it between us and our parents until Saturday.

    Shortly after the cake was cut we gathered everyone in the living room to break the news. Everyone was excited and congratulated. Then I hear my Dad say as he's holding my phone that's suppose to be recording "oh wait, is this recording?". He thought he was taking pictures and completely missed the moment. So we pretended we didn't already tell everyone and did a take two. Here's the result:

  Haha on the bright side it was way more enthusiastic the last time. I'm sure Baby H thought it was hilarious!

  Welcome to the family, son!

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