Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is That A Kick?

    Getting closer to the half way mark! I'm 18 weeks today. Hopefully soon I'll start feeling Baby H's movements. A mama can hope! Although my mom told me some women don't actually feel anything until 20 weeks. I've felt a few things that made me think it was him, but nothing for sure feeling.
    The other day it hit me. In 10 weeks I'll be in the 3rd trimester. No sense of panic here haha! But really, labor seems pretty daunting the closer I get. I'm praying that all of a sudden when the day is finally here I'll just have this overwhelming peace about everything. Also I've heard Lamaze classes are very helpful as far as feeling prepared.
    I've been told that around this time your appetite is suppose to be getting bigger(just like the baby is getting bigger). So far I haven't noticed a huge increase in that department, but I am psyched to try some of the crock pot mac 'n' cheese I'm making today! I found the recipe on Pinterest. Super easy, just 4 ingredients. I'll let you know how it turns out.
   Speaking of food, Baby H is now the size of a sweet potato, and should be weighting in at about 7 oz..

   We recently started our registries for Baby H. The first place we went in was Wal-mart. I looked the store over for the registry kiosk and couldn't find it anywhere. So I went and asked costumer service and then they told me that no Wal-mart has the in store option anymore to start a registry, but people can come in and ask them to pull someone's registry up. Keep that in mind if you're planning to register for a baby soon, or a wedding for that matter(I ended up registering online with them a few days later).
    So we headed to Target! Their process hasn't changed much since we registered for our wedding. Except their scanners are now iPhones. I was pretty surprised by how much you have to look at in their baby section. I loooovvvee Target but always thought their baby section was kinda small, which it is compared to place like Babies 'r' us and Buy buy baby. But it was definitely enough to look at for me. I would have liked more clothing options for baby boys though. But you can find way more online, just like any other store!

   If you have any suggestions for Baby H's registry I'd love to hear them!

   P.S. The crock pot mac 'n' cheese has just finished cooking and it is delicious! I was skeptical since it only had two cheeses, but it is nice and cheesy. Excuse the burnt cheese on the sides!

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