Thursday, October 30, 2014

He's A Belly Sleeper!

    I had my doctor's appointment this morning, and so far so good! Baby H is measuring 20 weeks and 4 days, although they are keeping me at 20 weeks and 2 days(they only change your due date if it's at least 10 days different). He was moving around quite a bit, but when we tried to get a picture he was on his belly. He's still a boy haha! It's kinda funny because last night I had a dream he was a girl and they had it wrong before, but we're sure he's a boy. My doctor was telling me how important it is right now to get as much calcium as I can so the baby won't be sucking it from my bones. So don't be surprised if you see me in Food Lion buying 3 gallons of milk at a time!

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    Some of you may remember in my last post I was taking about my horrible indigestion problems. Well yesterday I didn't take my prenatal vitamin to see if that could be affecting my indigestion. The result: my indigestion was way better(I had slight issues still but not the massive amount I had before). So I asked my doctor if he could prescribe me a vitamin with maybe a thicker coating to help prevent it from affecting my digestive system so harshly. This is what he sent me home with....

Prenatal vitamins

   I think he sent me home with like 4 different prenatal vitamins. He told me just try one, if I like it give him a call and he'll write a prescription for me. If I don't throw it away and try a new one. So thanks to my doctor I have plenty of options, hopefully I'll find one I like!
   In other news I have been looking online for a good, cheap maternity dress for the holiday season. I thought I found actually 2 dresses I liked at Target for only $10 each, but when I went to order them I realized they didn't have my size. I looked online at every store I could think of but everywhere else was either not cheap enough for me( maybe it is for y'all but just ask my husband, I'm cheap), only had summer dresses, or didn't have my size! Maybe I'll just wear sweats, or a potato sack, during the holidays. I plan to check out Kid to Kid(a children's and maternity consignment store) and a few other places, but if you know of any good places to find maternity dresses please let me know!
    Soon Dillon and I need to sign up for Lamaze classes. I was comforted to hear my doctor say if we didn't get around to taking Lamaze classes they can still talk me through everything at the hospital. So I'll breath a little easier, for now haha. I would love to hear y'all's experiences with Lamaze classes and if there's any other classes that might be helpful to Dillon and me.
   With Christmas approaching fast( yes I'm one of those people haha) I really need to start looking up cookies recipes! I love baking for the holidays, but I always feel like I never get around to it until Christmas is basically over. This year I will start early, please don't quote me. At least I'm always crazy early with our trees. Here's our first one this year and my latest bump picture!

Unique Christmas tress

Baby Bump at 20 weeks & 1 day

        P.S. Yes I know Halloween isn't even here until tomorrow. I told you I'm one of those people.

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