Monday, September 29, 2014

Random Pregnancy Thoughts

    Just a few things I've been pondering since I've been with child:

~ The only pants I could manage to find to fit me in Walmart when I started showing were hammer pants. Does that mean pregnant women should be rappers?

~ Can the baby read my thoughts?

~ Why can't your stomach turn blue for a boy or pink for a girl?

~ Why is Cook-out's pink lemonade soooo good?!

~ How many times can I throw-up after brushing my teeth? Apparently 5 times.

~ Why must I crave what I can't have. Like hotdogs and barbecue.

~ How many people does it take to locate a doctor's office? 4 people.

~ Do I need to take an infant massage class?

~ Isn't it weird that's it a good thing when people talk about your belly now.

~ How can Hollywood get away with acting like a woman who just found out she's pregnant and isn't even showing yet, could find out the gender a day later? I don't even know yet!!!

~ My biggest question at the moment. Where do all the pens go?!

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