Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buy Maternity Clothes, Keep The Prices Down?

    Hey y'all! I hope everyone is adjusting well to the time change. If you're like us the only clocks that have changed in your home are the ones that do it automatically!
     In my last blog-post I briefly mentioned how I've been having trouble finding good maternity dresses for the holiday season. Part of me thinks the reason it's so hard to find maternity clothes in a lot of stores is because it's become almost trendy for women to wear their regular clothes well into their pregnancy. Therefore making a lot of stores up their prices on maternity clothes and other stores eliminating maternity altogether. I guess you could say maternity clothes are a victim of supply and demand as hinted in my title.   Anyway here's a summary of where I looked this past weekend:

- Kid to Kid: I told y'all last week that I was planning to check out this local store. When we got to the  parking lot it was packed, we were lucky to find a parking space. Although I must mention that they have a   small parking lot. Once we were in I tried to find the maternity section but it was hard enough to get around   since no one wanted to let you get by haha. Finally I got close enough to the counter to ask the sales woman where I could find the maternity section, she told me it was over in  the corner. When I looked over to the corner I saw a small section of maternity clothes which had a obstacle course of trash bags and other things. Very convenient. I looked through their dresses, but unfortunately couldn't find something worth trying to find the dressing room. My opinion is they're probably a better store if you're looking for baby or children's clothes or some kind of baby gear, and try to go on a weekday if you can.

- Target: I actually looked in 2 this weekend. The first store had 1 black maternity dress, not even on sale. Yes you read that right, and no I don't mean it was the only dress that was black, it was the only one. The second store I checked out had more options but they were very casual, like a jersey material. I thought I had found a dress I was interested in, and it was on sale, then I realized it was a shirt.

- Goodwill: They had no maternity section. I tried to just look through the regular dresses, picked one up, tried it on in the dressing room, looked awful on me.

   Those were the only stores I got to this weekend. Although my sister-in-law told me she found some good dresses at Old Navy for maternity when she was pregnant. I looked them up online and didn't see much that wasn't summer dresses, but I might still look in store next weekend.
   Finally I went back to my first idea for maternity dresses. Amazon. Surprisingly I found not 1 but 2 dresses I have already ordered and should receive in the mail by this Saturday.  Here's the first one I ordered:

  This is the Momo Maternity brand "Suki" dress in black. It was $10 on Amazon, and they said it was originally $80. Pretty good deal to me! I looked up the brand and some of their dresses sell for like $120, so I'm expecting this is of good quality. By the way, I didn't even have to pay shipping for this one!  Here's the second dress I ordered:

     This is a Japanese Weekend maternity dress. This dress was originally $118 and I ordered it for $25 plus shipping. I looked it up like I did with the other dress and Japanese Weekend is suppose to be an expensive maternity brand. I would have never known! Around the back the lacy and gold pattern continues, which I really like. If these 2 dresses are like I hope then I'd say I got found some great finds! I'll be sure to update y'all next week about what they're really like once I have the dresses in my hands. Here's hoping they fit!

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