Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miller's 6 Month Update

  Hey y'all! This past Sunday Miller officially turned 6 months old, half a that crazy or what?! I thought I should do a little update on Miller, because you only turn half a year old once...

Weight: 16 lb. 2.6 oz.

Clothes: Currently rocking mostly 3-6 or 6 months sizing wise(although he's almost ready for the next size).

Diaper: Size 2 for a couple months now already.

Food: Still doing well with his g-tube, and he gets to start on purees very soon!

Favorite toy: He loves his Little Tikes Play Triangle, for some reason he thinks he can get it in his mouth. His "o" ball and keys are a close second.

Best time of day: The morning time! He loves to talk and play then.

Likes: Being held, having his diaper changed(surprisingly!), having his face wiped, talking, Daniel Tiger, being rocked to sleep in his rock 'n' play, books, eating his fingers.

Dislikes: Not being held, having to have saline drops, baths, tummy time(except when he gets to do his tummy time laying on mommy).

Milestones: Miller just had his first appointment with a neonatologist developmental doctor. It went very well! They said he is right on target for 5 months, which is what he is expected to be developmentally since he was a month early. As far as sitting up goes he's getting stronger. His little head is finally starting to get more hair on it.

blue eyes

baby model

going to church on sunday
Before Church this past Sunday!

6 month old babies


  1. He is precious!! And how convenient that he LIKES having his diapers changed. What a gentleman ;)

    1. I know right! That wasn't the case at first. Thanks for reading Joy!

  2. He's so cute; looks a lot like you :) Glad to hear he's "spot on" with what he should be doing. The wonderful thing is, did I say this before, there are so many resources available to help him if he needs it down the line. Glad to hear too he will be moving up to purees soon :)


    1. Aw thanks, I think so too! Definitely, I feel very blessed by all the resources available to us. Thanks for

  3. Awhhhh he is the cutest little guy!!! And Miller is such a cute name, just saying :) That is so nice he likes diaper changes! I feel like that's when most babies start to fuss and cry and wiggle all around haha happy 6 months little guy!

  4. Oh my goodness. He is growing up so fast and is such a handsome boy!

    1. Thanks! I know, it's going by way too fast. Thanks for reading!

  5. OMG - that last photo - LOVE! He's so adorable!


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