Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Under $5

  Well it's finally the weekend, we made it! *plays "We are the champions" so loud the neighbors complain* Maybe you've got big plans for your weekend, maybe you're just planning to not have any plans. Either way here's just a few things I've found lately that have brought a smile to my face, and for under $5!

   1. NYC Get It All Foundation- $3.99   
    I like this not only for the price, but it's convenient. If I'm running behind I can just swipe it all over my face and blend with my fingers. I can't do that with my usual foundation. It has surprisingly good coverage for being a inexpensive product too. I got it in light. I found this at Target, but I'm sure you can find it in other stores as well.

   2. E.L.F. Lip Kiss Balm- $2.00
    It goes on smooth, keeps my lips feeling moist, and has a nice hint of color without being obvious. I feel like going back and getting 10 of these just in case they discontinue it, which I kinda doubt they will if everyone else feels the same way about it. I got it in bare kiss. Again Target!

   3. Target Planners- $1.00
    Can you sense a theme here? Seriously though I love a good planner, but some of them can be a little pricey for something that you can only use for a year. Target's dollar section has a ton of cute ones. I found this one around the beginning of the year.

   4. Healthy Choice CafĂ© Steamers- $2.00
    I know, frozen food isn't real, there's too many unknowns, whatever. But I also know once Miller is down for naptime you don't just linger. You hustle. So obviously tv dinners are my friend. I like these because they don't make you think of a frozen dinner, and they're pretty tasty. The beef merlot is my favorite right now. My local Wal-Mart has them for only $2.00.

   5. Cute Wall Art- $3.00
    And for my last great find, I give you adorable wall art courtesy of, you guessed it, Target! This is just one of the cute things I've seen at Target lately. If you've looked on Etsy before you already know the sometimes outrageous prices some charge for something this cute. I plan to use this in Miller's nursery.

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  1. All great finds! We use TV dinners for nights when we are eating late and don't want a super heavy meal. We'll make a small salad and a TV dinner and it is just the right amount.


    1. Oh I love a good salad, easy and healthy! Thanks for reading Betty!


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