Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dress For The Occasion

 Hey y'all! I got my dresses last Thursday and Friday, and now I'm ready to give you my feedback on them! First of all I was super pleased with how fast they got here. The first dress I ordered was here a day earlier than the earliest day they told me to expect.The second dress was here on the day they told me. I love dependability!
    Okay, here is the first dress I ordered (and the first one received) on me:
Maternity dresses

   This is the Momo "Suki" dress! The fabric is silky and has no picks or blemishes. It is true to size. The neckline is a little deeper than I had expected, so no bending over haha! All seams appear to be well made. It's comfortable, and it feels like it could accommodate a bigger bump. Bonus: it came in a nice box with a hanger and a clear bag to keep over it. The verdict: I'm very impressed and can't wait to wear it this holiday season!

Now let's take a look and the second dress from Amazon:
Maternity Dresses

  This the Japanese Weekend dress! The fabric is soft and stretchy. The size is perfect. The neckline is exactly what I expected. All of the seams are well made. It's comfortable, and just like the other dress it could definitely grow with me during the pregnancy. As for it's packaging I was a little disappointed that it came in a plastic shipping bag, and of course there was no hanger or bag. Bonus: it's nursing friendly! Which means it has two slits on the chest area, but there's no worries of anything popping out. The verdict: I love it, and I love that I can use it beyond pregnancy.
   Initially I was hesitant to order clothing from Amazon simply because I never had before, other than the ties for our groomsmen at our wedding. But I was really surprised! I do have a few tips before you buy anything at Amazon:

- Research before you buy anything on Amazon. Make sure that another website doesn't have it cheaper before you click order.
- As a general rule don't buy clothes that don't have the brand name on the item or say generic, simple because you don't know where it's from. And you're more likely to get irregular.
- Keep packaging and any papers until you've tried it on or tried it out.
- If you plan to do most of your shopping online and you shop a lot, Amazon prime could be a good choice for you. As for me I just can't warrant spending $100/year on a subscription to "save" money. Besides, Amazon has plenty of good deals already.

  Please let me know if you have found any cool tips on finding online shopping deals!

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