Monday, September 8, 2014

First comes love, then comes marriage...

    Hey y'all! As you might have noticed I haven't blogged since June, but now I'm back. Our summer was great. Lots of family and friends, the occasional day trip here and there, we finally found a car, and one more memorable thing happened......we're expecting!!!

   Although I'm sure most of my readers already knew that. We're beyond thrilled! I'm 13 weeks tomorrow, as of right now our baby's due date is March 17th 2015. I'm a little nervous since I've heard we have a lot of snow headed our way until the end of March. But mostly we're super anxious to meet our first child. At first  I was very sure that it was a boy, but now I'm starting to think it could be a girl. Either way we have a 50/50 chance of being right haha!
  I've been so curious to know what we're having I started looking up ways to predict the gender. I tried the baking powder test with my urine and it foamed like crazy(which means it's a boy). Then I asked mom to take it to see if it was really accurate and it did the same thing. Probably not accurate haha. We should know what Baby H is in about 7 weeks(I hope!).
   My symptoms haven't been what I'd expect them to be. For instance I never had a lot of morning sickness(just a little nausea). I've mostly just been achy, fatigued, and having a lot of headaches and sinus pressure. My cravings have been lemonade, potato salad, and Taco Bell breakfast burritos.
   As for the body changes, they have happened fast! Thankfully the only trouble I've had so far with clothes is pants. I have like 2 pairs of pants that are working right now, but I mostly wear skirts and dresses. I do have some maternity pants I've ordered on the way though. Hopefully they fit right!

 That's our sweet Baby H at 12 weeks! The sonographer said our baby is right on target for it's age. The baby was moving a lot at this appointment, kicking it's legs, waving! Look at those little arms! It's getting more real every day.
  I'll be keeping everyone posted on Baby H's progress( as well as our's) on here. Thanks for reading :)


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