Tuesday, June 3, 2014


   This past weekend was dance recital weekend! It was especially nice having the support of my husband.  It's one thing to have a hobby or talent you enjoy by yourself, but it means so much more when you have someone there to support you. Often times we all take for granted what it means to share these special parts of us with our significant others.Sharing our passions with our husbands/wives is a part of marriage,as well as taking an interest in theirs'.
   Honestly Dillon is not super enthused about dance, just like I'm not super interested in guitar. Since he's the oldest and I'm the youngest we're both lovers of the spotlight. But in spite of our lack of interest in those things we try to make the effort to have an interest in each other's passions. Like when Dillon and I danced at the Fall Follies together, or the night I helped him write a song. Neither of us did those things because we had a deep love for those things ourselves. We did those things because we had a deep love for each other.
    Of course we're not always paying attention to what the other person is doing. I could be praciting  dance in the kitchen and Dillon would just go upstairs and watch Adam 12 on Netflix. Sometimes when Dillon is jamming on the guitar I'm checking Twitter or Pinterest.  More than not we fail at being the supportive couple, but when it really matters we're there for each other.
  It doesn't make you a bad person that you don't immediately love something your partner loves. It just means it's something you need to overcome. Not the apathy towards that hobby or subject, but just loving the other person enough to make the effort.
   That's a big part of marriage,  remembering to put down your phone and smile and clap like you 
saw the whole thing and it was great!

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