Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This Will Be Our Year

  Hey y'all! I hope everyone's year is off to a great start. As you can see I'm a little behind on blogging. First it was an unfortunate reaction Miller had to some new formula. Warning to all parents, but especially parents of children with g-tubes, Pediasure is NOT always the best formula. It can sometimes be too harsh for little bellies. So don't be afraid to keep things like they are formula wise. Miller was almost instantly better once we switched back to his original formula.
    Then came the holidays. We had wonderful, memorable celebrations with family. Lots of food, lots of thoughtful gifts exchanged, lots of laughter, and lots of reminiscing. Miller was very spoiled, not just by presents but by affectionate relatives too. He of course was more than happy to oblige. I have to say this Christmas felt extra magical.

Miller's 1st visit with Santa Claus

Ugly sweater Christmas cookie decorating

Miller (well actually me haha) opening his Christmas presents

I saw this shirt at Target and thought it was too cute!

Mommy forgot milk so Santa got eggnog this year...oops!

Happy new year!

    Once all the festivities had ended and the happy chaos had died down, then came the colds. UGH. Seriously though each week someone new had the cold. I just did my week. Thankfully Miller didn't get one. So now I think (or hope) life will start to get back to a routine.
     With the new year comes new goals, new hopes, new beginnings. I'm actually one of those dorks that loves making new year resolutions. I probably just love the chance to make a list. All the same resolutions get made. Most years it's about reading more, or exercising more. The basic new year resolutions. Well this year I made the basic ones, but I also made a more general resolution. Not really a resolution, but more a mantra. 'Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen'.

  My mom always says that to me. She says it so much she actually gave me a necklace ( a gold fortune cookie no less, can't get a more optimistic symbol than that) because it came with a card that had that saying. The last few years have taken a bit of my optimism I'm a little ashamed to admit. It can be difficult to keep the kind of attitude that good things are headed your way when you've been delivered a few low blows. So that's why this year that's my mantra. And I have to say this year I actually believe it.
   What are your new year resolutions? Did you make any? Are you an optimistic person at heart?


  1. What a lovely necklace and how nice to have your resolution on the little card. You can use it as a bookmark or tuck it into your Bible. Happy New Year, Robyn, I hope it brings you much happiness.

    1. That's a wonderful idea, thanks for reading, Pamela!

  2. I love your mantra for the year, "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." I hope this is a great year ahead!

  3. Love that necklace. I hope you both are on the mend. Love that Christmas sweater cookie decorating party. That would be so much fun. Plus I love sugar cookies!

    1. We're all much better, thank you! I love sugar cookies too haha. Thanks for reading :)


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