Monday, January 30, 2017

What Were You Wearing, America?

Recently there has been an uproar in political circles, social media, and the good old fashioned media about an executive order signed by President Trump. But you know what really bothers me the most about this whole dialogue. Not the actual ban, not the misinformed or biased media outlets (I'm NOT saying they are all misinformed or biased, but there are those that feel they are). No it's the fact that people are more worried that this could anger terrorists to attack us. EXCUSE ME?!?!?
    And I couldn't help but realize that much of the dialogue about how to avoid another terrorist attack is straight out of the much talked about rape culture. To suggest that we as Americans or any American law makers are responsible for terrorists attacking innocent people is as disgusting and heinous as asking a woman what she was wearing when she was raped. I would never dream of telling a woman not to anger a man into raping or attacking her. So why is America treated that way by her people?
   Newsflash here, terrorists will attack innocent people as long as they have the means and the demented minds to execute such vile and despicable acts. There is no reasoning with terrorists, there is no common ground, there is no being sympathetic. Only cold, dark, twisted, evil minds.
    I've heard people in one breath (or paragraph) say how wonderful America is when she is allowed to be herself, free. Then they also say how this is only setting us up for another tragedy. Seems a little bit of a mixed message doesn't it? Is America to blame for the savage attack on 9/11? Oh that's not what you meant? Well that's you said when you say such things.
    Terrorists attack us because of our freedom, plain and simple. The day that we finally decide to not let women vote, to ban all guns, to put gay people to death, to not let women learn basic skills such as reading and mathetics , that's when the terrorists will leave us alone. But we won't be America anymore.
     There is no excuse for a terrorist attack. No reasoning. I can't wrap my head around the fact that some people believe this order is about fear, and then the main reason they have for NOT going through with the order is about fear. Fear of someone else's actions and sick thoughts. Fear about something that happens when America is just minding her own business. I can understand people not wanting this order for their own political reasons, but this, this is just ridiculous.
     Maybe those that feel this is a surefire track to mass devastation can go volunteer in a women's shelter and use exactly what they've said about terrorism to explain to the women about their personal attacks. Maybe then people would understand.
    America, don't let them make you feel it was you. Don't let them tell you you wore your freedom too high or too loudly. Don't let them tell you had too much patriotism to drink. That you should have just let him violate your borders, what's the big deal. Just tell the terrorists they make try, but they can't break you.  


  1. This is wrong on so many different levels.

    First off, foreign terrorists don't "hate us for our freedom." They hate us because we screw with them. We are never just "minding our own business." America aggressively pursues its national interests (as defined by its powerful elites) with zero regard for how this affects the less lucky nations. Yes. We are absolutely to blame for attacks like 9/11 when we screw with other countries, invading them, toppling their governments, and exploiting their resources. We create terrorists when we push vulnerable people to the point where they think they have no option but asymmetrical, armed conflict with us.

    Second, are *we* the rape victim here? Seriously? Are *our* cities the ones reduced to rubble? Are millions of Americans risking death to cross stormy waters in search of safety? Are we **really** the world's victims? Your analogy ignores the immense privilege our society enjoys in the world. We're the most powerful, richest, most glutted society the world has ever seen, and you want to make it about us? Wow.

    Insisting that our leaders adopt foreign policies that do not antagonize vulnerable, relatively powerless people is not at all like asking the rape victim what she was wearing. It is simply applying good judgment to dealing with other people. It is treating other people with respect. It is common decency you would extend to your neighbor. If you wouldn't blare your stereo at full blast when she has a hangover, because you know she'll go key your car, you are not far from the mindset needed to craft successful, terrorism-suppressing, foreign policy.

  2. I think he made solid counter arguments. Terrorists don't hate us because we're too free and loud about it, but rather because we're jerks.

  3. Thank you for standing up and speaking your mind. Be prepared for the hate to be spewed your way. Heaven forbid. Oh yeah can't use the word heaven. If a person doesn't agree you will be the villain.

  4. It's true that we can't live in fear of antagonizing terrorists. We can not be blamed for people's disgusting behavior. Having said that, I would say that the media is totally out of control, and what worries me is our situation spiralling. I'm not worried about terrorists, I'm worried about some kind of crazed new world revolution! How would that even pan out? Eek!


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