Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Thoughts on The Trump Inauguration

  In case you haven't heard, like if you've actually moved to Canada or Mexico like some people said they would or you're like that one man that STILL doesn't know who won the election, America has a new commander in chief, Donald John Trump. Now this post isn't exactly political, it's just a personal commentary of last Friday's inauguration. So if that sounds like something you're interested in, read on!

  • "Melania's outfit looks so much like something Jackie Kennedy would wear, I wonder if they were going for that. Never mind all the networks seem to notice too, so it was probably intentional. Either way it was a nice choice!"
  • "I wonder if Trump is wearing a Trump tie? Would that be a conflict of interest or is that fine?"
  • "I like that they've (the presidents in general) kept the tradition of going to church service the morning of the inauguration"
  • "Wait, they have a whole part of the morning dedicated to drinking coffee and tea?! Man I love America!"
  • "I really like Ivanka and Tiffany's outfits, but all I can think about now is what if they spill something on themselves. There's nowhere for a stain to hide!!!"
  • "Has anyone else noticed that Ivanka and Tiffany tend to color coordinate their outfits? It's actually really sweet. Twinning!"
  • "Trump is using the Bible his mom gave him in 1955 and the Lincoln Bible, love it!"
  • "Melania brought Michelle something in a Tiffany's box, nice touch. My mom always told me to bring the host a gift (side note: Michelle brought Laura Bush a present 8 years ago as well, so it appears the Trump are hoping to keep the tradition!)"
  • "Wow, I can't believe that Obama's inauguration was 8 years ago."
  • "I'm really surprised they're allowed to have water bottles at the inauguration, and are they like special White House water bottles or is it BYOB? And if water bottles are okay why isn't there any Starbucks?!!? It's gonna be a long day!"
  • "Seriously though imagine how long a day this must be not just for the Trump and Pence families and those involved in Congress and what not, but people working the inauguration."
  • "Awww Jimmy Carter made it, he's such a nice guy (side note: he still teaches Sunday School!)"
  • "Aww I'm glad to see Michelle went to say hello to him, he looked like he was trying to get her attention before."
  • "It's a shame George H. W. Bush and his wife couldn't make it"
  • "Trump is talking a lot about God, like more than is usually politically correct. I can dig it."
  • "And it's over? I was kinda expecting a longer speech, but that's fine by me!"
  • "They don't waste any time getting a framed picture of Trump taking the oath! Has that always been a thing?!"
  • "Trump's grandkids are trying to help him by handing him the pens to sign documents. I think they're trying to subtly say hurry up haha."
  • "Aww Barron is playing with his nephew, that's pretty cute!"
  • "Now it's time for the parade!"
  • "Trump's grandkids look like they are loving this, which I would expect them to be too tired by now. "
  • "Al Roker is trying so hard to lure Mike Pence in with candy, and Pence seems tempted but also seems like he remembers his mom telling him not to take candy from strangers. And he probably had no idea that's a tradition."
  • "Here comes the school band that was catching the flack for being invited to perform in the parade, and Trump is making a point of standing up for them and cheering and clapping, that's nice."
  • "Now I'm really just waiting to see what all the Trump and Pence women wear to the inaugural balls."
  • "He has the Rockettes performing? How did I miss this?!"
  • "I like Melania's dress, I knew she'd wear white. Michelle Obama wore white to her husband's first inaugural balls as well."
  • "I knew he would pick that song, although that first line is kinda unfortunate, those opposed will have a field day with that haha."
  • "Wow, Ivanka's dress is stunning, definitely my favorite dress of the whole inauguration. And again I can tell Ivanka and Tiffany went with the same color scheme."
  • "Do you think the kids have their own ball?"


  1. Great post! The First Lady looked stunning, loved her opera-length gloves, so chic.

    1. Yes her gloves were a nice touch, thanks for reading Pamela!

  2. I thought Melania looked very Jackie Kennedy too, and maybe a little bit of Duchess Kate? Either way, she was killing it in that dress! I was very proud of Trump's speech as well, not only because he was gutsy about speaking so much about God in a world where that seems to be VERY frowned-upon, but because regardless of his politics and his past mistakes, and what people sometimes think of him because of them, his genuine love for this country really did come through in those moments.

    1. Yes she definitely reminded me of Kate a little too. I agree, love his love of country and God. Thanks for reading Brandi!


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